Thoughts about Libre Office design process (part 4 : teams)

My proposal is to create a new design team for UX design only. There will be :

  • the current team for visual identity, graphics, artwork, branding material
  • a new one for UX design

The UX team must have core members, with proven skills and knowledge in UX design, and be certified by TDF. The core members act as moderators to prevent unskilled members and out of scope proposals (and waste of time). The remaining question is how the core members could be certified by TDF. It could be a process similar to the definition of reviewers of code.

And the core members of one team can not be core members in the other team because it's impossible to have strong skills in UX and VI.

All this might look hard and even non open source, but I think it's the necessary foundation upon which we can build strong teams.

On the technical side, each team must have its own mailing-list, wiki space.

Of course, they have to communicate, just as QA team, Translation team and Dev team communicate.

Let's be clear : it's absolutely not a personal attack nor an insult. It's just "let's build teams with coherent skills". I can say that because I know my skills and you can tell me "Michel, you have no skills in graphics or VI (visual identity)" because it's true.  With my experience (I've been writing software with GUI for 20 years, with good user feedback), I can tell you I have some good skills in UX (more practical than theoretical), and not in VI. And I dare say that the current design team has only skills in VI and not in UX.