Thoughts about Libre Office design process (part 8 : branding)

I also have a proposal for the branding process : branding should be done INTERNALLY : some contest may be started to receive ideas, but the processing, the creation and validation of the new branding/visual identity must be made internally and validated only by TDF members.

TDF members know what they want to obtain since they have clearly defined the objectives. As LO is used by millions of users, the visual appearance is essential and cannot be handled by non-professionals. TDF should not hesitate to pay for this specific task in order to have real professional visual branding. Thus this task will be performed efficiently in short time instead of weeks of polling.

As they answered on the mailing list, Charles & Italo should have said (instead of and :

"we assume/take on our role of TDF Member and then decide :

  • to stop the current poll,
  • to work internally with designer & graphic artist, based on current proposals,
  • to choose internally the branding for LO4 (via a poll for TDF members),

Everything will be done in few hours, and will be ok for LO 4.0.0 release."